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76-page PDF for volume 1 - 2024 (landscape format). 3 editions per year.
The Beyond TV report provides a complete overview of the constantly evolving digital market: catalogs and VOD consumption, development of streaming players, multi-screen content strategies, etc.

VOLUME 1 - 2024:
1/ Focus on the digital transition of live Sports
- How is sports broadcasting moving from TV to Streaming?
- How do platforms diversify their content offerings in Sports?
- Are streaming giants reshaping NFL and Superbowl coverage in the U.S. platform strategies?
2/ Platform strategies
- Quarterly earnings and market and fast news
- How are broadcasters innovating with their BVOD platforms?
3/ Crossmedia Insights
- How are global platforms innovating with shoppable ads?
- How are global platforms integrating live events into their programming?

VOLUME 3 - 2023:
1/ Digital Content Consumption
- Do Netflix and Disney+ offer a consistent global catalogue?
- How is ViX establishing itself in America as a significant platform for Latin content?
- How has Max rebranding led to a more diverse catalog compared to HBO Max?
2/ Platform strategies
- Quarterly earnings and market news
- How are Disney+ and Max adjusting their strategies to achieve profitability?
3/ Crossmedia Insights
- How does Tik Tok influence creative industries?

VOLUME 2 - 2023:
1/ Digital Content Consumption
- How do the main UK broadcasters include pre-broadcast in their release strategy?
- How do release strategies impact the scripted series consumption on global platforms?
2/ Platform strategies
- Quarterly earnings and market news
- How are broadcasters shifting to digital first?
- How are AVOD / FAST growing and becoming a part of aggregators?
3/ Crossmedia Insights
- How can social media tackle mental health topics on their platforms?
- How is artificial intelligence evolving in the audiovisual industry?

VOLUME 1 - 2023:
1/ Focus on the Asian streaming market
- International streamers reach out to the protective Asian market
- Global streaming meets increasing desire for Asian content
- Co-existence within a more balanced ecosystem
2/ Platform strategies
- Quarterly earnings
- How do commissioners co-producing to meet global content needs?
- How can windowing strategies optimize revenue for global platforms?
3/ Crossmedia Insights
- How is artificial intelligence changing the audiovisual industry?
- How is the gaming industry addressing climate change?

VOLUME 4 - 2022:
1/ Digital Content Consumption
- How is linear TV and SVOD content consumed by UK SVODers? 
- Who, when and what do UK SVODers watch on Netflix and Disney+ in the UK?
- What is the impact of the release of Netflix hits on UK TV broadcasters? 
- Is live broadcast for TV Scripted  series still relevant in the UK?
2/ Platform strategies
- How can the streaming industry achieve profitability?
- How do platforms optimise strategic launches through partnerships?
- What are the benefits and drawbacks to integrating ads on global platforms?
3/ Case studies
- How are global platforms and TV channels innovating with ads?
- How are brands using UGC and influencers to authentically market to consumers?
- How are cinema’s leading players encouraging audiences to return to the screens?

VOLUME 3 - 2022:
Find Volume 3 of the Beyond TV: VOD Landscape report, click here.

VOLUME 2 - 2022:
1/ Digital Content Consumption
- How do SVOD/AVOD viewers watch television?
- Is there “streaming fatigue” in Europe?
- How have Netflix viewing habits evolved over the last 2 years in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Italy?
- What is the impact of licensed series transfers between SVOD platforms in France?
2/ Platform strategies
- How is Netflix changing with the OTT market?
- Why integrate live streaming into global platforms?
- Are connected TVs the best placed to offer an all-in-one experience?
3/ Case studies
- How does the metaverse enable content creators to engage with their audiences?
- How is the growing popularity of podcasts being explored?
- What are the latest social media application trends?

VOLUME 1 - 2022:
1/ Focus on sub-Saharan Africa: a untapped market for VOD players
- A low Internet penetration for Africa but a mobile-first market
- A tailored mobile strategy from the key content players
- South Africa and Nigeria, the key countries where to invest
- What does the future hold in store?
2 / Platform strategies
- Is AVOD the key to conquer a crowed streaming market?
- What are the strategic moves for global expansion?
- What localised content strategies for global platforms?
3 / Case studies
- How content creations enter NFTs?
- Are AR & VR key for an immersive viewer-centric experience?
- How has TikTok bolstered professional cross-content?

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