NoTa Report (Season Overview)

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PDF report of approximately 250 pages

2nd volume of an annual report (can be read independently) by Glance.

A combination of two latest reports is also available for purchase. The “Fall Season” volume analyses TV and online trends over the period of mid-August to mid-November. The "Season Overview" volume analyzes trends of new TV content over the period of May to April (1 full year). Although both reports can be read independently, they’re a good contribution to each other. You may select “NoTa Report Season Overview + Fall 2022” to purchase a combined option.

This "Season Overview" volume of the report NoTa analyzes trends of new TV content launches and platforms as well as offering key elements on the environment and major players whithin the same region, in more than 45 territories over the period May to April (1 full year).

All these insights come from NoTa (New On The Air), Glance's monitoring service for new international content since 1997. NoTa covers eAbout 450 TV channels and 130 online platforms.

This report lists the best new programmes' launches by region and country from last season, and gives you access to:

  • Analysis of content trends and audience results by channel by country
  • Key elements on the environment of groups and chains in the same region, as well as their market shares
  • Analysis of consumption dynamics and trends (by genre, format, adaptation, import, etc.)


Analysis by Regions and by Country

  • Overall synthesis of the season
  • Synthesis on international platforms

ASIA - Region + 8 countries

EASTERN EUROPE - Region + 5 countries

LATIN AMERICA - Region + 6 countries

MIDDLE EAST / AFRICA - Region + 9 countries

NORTH AMERICA - Region + USA, Canada and Quebec

OCEANIA - Region + Australia and New Zealand

SCANDINAVIA - Region + 4 countries

WESTERN EUROPE - Region + 10 countries


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