Beyond TV

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81 pages for volume 1 in PDF format. Quarterly report (4 editions per year).

Beyond TV report gives you a comprehensive overview of continuous market shifts in VOD catalogues and consumption, streaming market developments, content and transmedia strategies, etc...

Table of Contents - Volume 1:

1 / Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, an untapped market for VOD players
- A low internet penetration for Africa but a mobile first market
- A tailored mobile strategy from the key content players
- South Africa and Nigeria, the key countries where to invest
- What does the future hold in store?

2 / Platforms’ Strategies
- Is AVOD the key to conquer a crowded streaming market?
- What are the strategic moves for global expansion?
- What localised content strategies for global platforms?

3 / Case Studies
- How content creations enter NFTs?
- Are AR & VR key for an immersive viewer centric experience?
- How has TikTok bolstered professional cross-content?

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