Un été de sport à la télévision

Un été de sport à la télévision

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Scope: France

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Periodicity: biennial report

A summer of sport on television, it is the complete and detailed assessment of the major summer sports competitions (Roland-Garros, Euro football, Tour de France, Olympic Games, Paralympic Games), put into perspective with previous editions.

You will find everything you need to remember from this particularly rich sporting summer 2021, with all the average audiences and coverage, the devices, the impacts on the audiences of the broadcasters, the profiles of the viewers, a focus on the highlights as well as '' an assessment of the out-of-home consumption of these competitions.

SUMMARY of A 2021 Sports Summer on TV:

  1. Global performance review of major sporting events
  2. Roland Garros
  3. Euro
  4. Tour de France
  5. Olympic Games
  6. Paralympic Games

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